Allez – Sword Fighting Survival

Brace yourself for an intense fencing duel! Allez is a survival game where you fight powerful sword masters in every turn. With your trusty foil, parry your opponent’s attacks and …Read more


StarByte – Infinite Runner

Survive the colorful, but hellish world of Starbyte! This is an infinite runner where you play as a helpless cube trapped in a maze. Overcome giant walls and avoid explosions …Read more

On Guard

On Guard – Tower Defense

All monsters shall not pass! On Guard is a retro-style tower defense game without any towers. Instead, you’ll be sending out different units to face your enemies.  Aside from your …Read more

Spellcaster – Memory Puzzle

It takes a sharp memory to cast spells! If you’re looking for a challenging memory puzzle, try Spellcaster. Rune spells will flash one by one on the screen.  Recreate the …Read more

Kawaii Jump – Endless Climbing

Watch where you leap! Kawaii Jump is an endless climber featuring an adorable slimeball. Help the slime reach the top and avoid all obstacles.  Scattered among the solid tiles are …Read more


Incendium – Action Adventure

Keep the flame burning! Incendium is an action-adventure that will take you on a perilous journey. You play as a Flame Keeper, and your goal is to return the sacred …Read more

Card Hog

Card Hog – Card Strategy

Eat everything in your path! Card Hog is a card strategy game where you play as a pig warrior. Beat all the monsters to unlock the door that leads to …Read more