Ingeste – Vertical Platformer

Explore lush greenery and eat the flower petals in Ingeste! You’ll be controlling a pink blob that uses the breeze to float. Reach the top of the mountain and collect …Read more

Cannon Ship – Plane Shooter

Soar through the skies and blast enemies in Cannon Ship! This is a side-scrolling plane shooter wherein you explore unchartered territories. Along the way, you’ll be collecting stars and fight …Read more

chickie can fly featured image3

Chickie Can Fly

Fly Chickie Fly! It’s like vertical flappy bird. Help Chickie fly upward by clicking on the screen. Avoid mean birds and collect gold coins. The pace gets faster the further …Read more

Pappu Pakia

In Pappu Pakia, the goal is to travel the longest distance by avoiding obstacles. All you need is to click to rise. You can also pick up items to help …Read more