Elite Swat Commander

Elite SWAT Commander – FPS Game

Don’t let the terrorists take over! In this FPS game (first-person shooter), you are the only soldier from the anti-terrorist group. Eliminate all the enemies and save the hostages. You’re …Read more

x zero m

X-Zero – Retro Shooter

Destroy all enemies! X-Zero is a retro-inspired shooter where you play as a lone warrior. Your mission is to find the hive mind’s chamber and destroy it. The enemy base …Read more

Super Contra – Action Platformer

Control time and blast your enemies! Super Contra Hot is an action platformer that plays just like your beloved retro shooters. You’ll be fighting eyeballs, bats, scary insects, and other …Read more


Duloga – Arcade Shooter

Crime must pay! Duloga is an arcade shooter game wherein you have to shoot criminals in each round. Players must complete the kill quota to proceed to the next round. …Read more


MUSH – Fighting Game

Fight with your friends in an all-out bullet brawl in MUSH! Players can select from a variety of characters and arenas, all rendered in beautiful 2D. You’ll start with four …Read more

Codename 00386

Codename: 00386

Embark on an intense spy mission in Codename: 00386! This is a platformer game where you’ll defeat evil bosses, complete stealth missions, and avoid any pitfalls. The game can be challenging …Read more