The Grid

Who minds an extended dose of running around, jumping around and shooting the hell out of all that comes in your path! Sounds interesting come right in and hit the …Read more

Arena 5

Arena5 is another space mayhem game in the already teeming HTML5 catalogue. However, some might find it more interesting because of the retro styling of the whole thing. The vector …Read more

Sweeper 5

Sweeper derives its basic idea from the classic Mine Sweeper game that took all our childhood! The fact that one wrong move would suffice in ending the attempt at securing …Read more

Word Poppers

Word Poppers is a simple to play HTML5 word game. Your screen hosts a number of alphabets floating around in the form of cute little bubbles. When ordered, the seemingly …Read more

ePig Dash

ePig Dash is another addition to the lively ePig game series and quite easily one of the better ones. You need to jump over islands and keep on doing this …Read more

Fight or flight

Fight or Flight is a horizontal scroller platform married with a puzzle! You are thrown at with pink blobs that appear from the right part of the screen. You have …Read more

Bounce Ball

BounceBall brings a fresh flavour to the horizontal platform genre of games and ropes in a bunch of great graphics to keep the gamers interested. The bubbly chrome ball takes …Read more

Robots Are People Too

Well, there is a lot more to Robots Are People Too than just the odd and crazy name. The game can be played by two players simultaneously, and a single …Read more

Open Odyssey

How about an HTML5 game where you get to control a stylish warrior who carries a spear alongside! This is exactly what you get in Open Odyssey. Here, you are …Read more

Newspaper Dude

This game does a neat check of a certain skill you never though was worthy enough to acquire, that of throwing newspapers! Newspaper Dude puts your selection and speed skills …Read more

Turtle Rescue

Who would not want to help a cute tiny turtle trying to reach the safety of the beach waters, trying to avoid racing cars and freak creatures prowling the beach …Read more


Sometimes, a simple and cute little game can be absolutely refreshing, and Buglets is certainly one that makes the cut in this category of games. Role Playing Game lovers are …Read more


Browsmos is an adorable game that simply engulfs you into itself. There are some cells on the screen, some small and some large. The aim is to absorb the small …Read more

Spy Chase

The Good vs. Bad games can never be out of business, and so is the case for Spy Chase. This fast paced game takes you on a busy highway with …Read more