Juggle – Reflex Game

Catch the shape! Juggle is a challenging reflex game that will surely test your quickness. Control a small pad and try to catch the shape before it falls on the …Read more

Snot Kid

Snot Kid – Cute Shooter

Finally, a good reason to throw snot! In Snot Kid, nasty mosquitoes are invading your home, and the only way to prevent it is to throw snot at them! They’re …Read more


Que – Reflex Game

Dish out awesome poses in Que! The goal is to make your avatar imitate the poses that appear on the screen. The game may seem simple, but it will surely …Read more


Dodge the Blocks

Can you survive the attack of the blocks? In Dodge the Blocks, your goal is to survive a wave of block attacks for as long as you can. Each wave …Read more


Dashrun – Color Matching

Test your reflexes in Dashrun! Similar to other endless runner games, you have to avoid obstacles and try to get the highest score possible. However, the twist is that your obstacles are …Read more

Don't Mess Up

Don’t Mess Up

Are you meticulous in following instructions? Then you should play Don’t Mess Up! In this brain teaser, you need to follow the instructions on the screen. The tasks can be …Read more

Piano Tile Reflex

Piano Tile Reflex Game

Test your reflex and enjoy cool music by playing the Piano Tile Reflex! The goal is to tap the black tiles and avoid the white ones. To make things interesting, …Read more