UFO Swamp odyssey

UFO Swamp Odyssey

Fight for your freedom! In UFO Swamp Odyssey, you play as an alien who crash-landed on a swamp. Scavengers have captured your ship and trapped you in their junkyard.  Try …Read more

Wall Roller

Wall Roller – Maze Puzzle

Just keep rolling! Wall Roller is a maze puzzle where you control a ball that doesn’t stop rolling. It will keep rolling in a single wall until you decide when …Read more

Pico driller

Pico Driller – Match 3 Puzzle

Welcome to the colorful land of Picotown! In Pico Driller, you play as a hardworking drill expert who keeps the city safe. March 3 colored blocks popping out underneath the …Read more

Bumble Bots

Bumble Bots – Pipe Puzzle

Time for the robot’s maintenance! Bumble Bots is a pipe puzzle where you connect tiles with different patterns. The goal is to create a path so the robots can connect …Read more

Spy’s Demise – Escape Puzzle

Become the master of stealth! In this escape puzzle game, your mission is to reach the yellow target without creating a commotion. Don’t let the Red Faces catch you. Your …Read more


Trixology – Block Puzzle

Let’s stack colorful bricks! Trixology is a classic block puzzle game wherein you try to fit bricks with different shapes on a grid. The pieces will fall randomly.  Arrange the …Read more


Ominous – Retro Adventure

Are you willing to enter a monster’s realm to obtain treasure? Ominous is a retro adventure about an artifact hunter named Gowan McDerrick. Guide Gowan in an underground lair to …Read more