Edna – Stealth Puzzle

Become the master of Stealth! Edna is a stealth puzzle where you use magic to sneak your way out of trouble. You have the power of sight, which gives you …Read more

Tiny Golf Puzzles

Tiny Golf – Mini Puzzles

Become the next mini golf champion! In Tiny Golf Puzzles, your goal is to shoot the ball in the hole. In some levels, you need to shoot multiple balls.  Unlike …Read more

On Guard

On Guard – Tower Defense

All monsters shall not pass! On Guard is a retro-style tower defense game without any towers. Instead, you’ll be sending out different units to face your enemies.  Aside from your …Read more

UFO Swamp odyssey

UFO Swamp Odyssey

Fight for your freedom! In UFO Swamp Odyssey, you play as an alien who crash-landed on a swamp. Scavengers have captured your ship and trapped you in their junkyard.  Try …Read more

Wall Roller

Wall Roller – Maze Puzzle

Just keep rolling! Wall Roller is a maze puzzle where you control a ball that doesn’t stop rolling. It will keep rolling in a single wall until you decide when …Read more

Pico driller

Pico Driller – Match 3 Puzzle

Welcome to the colorful land of Picotown! In Pico Driller, you play as a hardworking drill expert who keeps the city safe. March 3 colored blocks popping out underneath the …Read more

Bumble Bots

Bumble Bots – Pipe Puzzle

Time for the robot’s maintenance! Bumble Bots is a pipe puzzle where you connect tiles with different patterns. The goal is to create a path so the robots can connect …Read more

Spy’s Demise – Escape Puzzle

Become the master of stealth! In this escape puzzle game, your mission is to reach the yellow target without creating a commotion. Don’t let the Red Faces catch you. Your …Read more