Gravitus – Space Adventure

Don’t let gravity keep you down! Gravitus is a space adventure where you navigate different labyrinths with a unique gravity mechanic.  Reach the docking point at the end of the …Read more

infinite maze

Space Maze – Tile Puzzle

Avoid all asteroids! Space Maze is an intergalactic tile puzzle where you navigate through an asteroid belt. Reach the wormhole to move to the next level. You only have a …Read more

Elementary – Magic Card Fight

Use your magic powers to fight monsters! Elementary is a card duel game where you mix elements together to create powerful compounds that can destroy your enemies. You can make …Read more


Embryo – Puzzle Adventure

Work your way through a creepy science lab in Embryo, a puzzle adventure game! You play as an artificial that just woke up in a strange facility. The place is …Read more


Fungi – Multiplayer Strategy

Become the strongest cell in Fungi! In this multiplayer strategy, you will start off as hungry single-celled organism.  Leech off from other players to grow in size. Strategically place links …Read more

Quidget The Wonderwiener

Quidget The Wonderwiener

Use science to find romance in Quidget the Wonderwiener! You play as a dog scientist who wants to impress his ninja girl friends with exciting presents. This crafting game offers …Read more