Abyss Meal – Underwater Survival

What’s lurking under the depths of the sea? Abyss Meal is a feeding game where you control a mechanized fish. Chase smaller fish to recharge your vehicle. However, some creatures …Read more

plastic portals

Plastic Portals – 3D Puzzle

Learn to pick up trash in Plastic Portals! This 3D puzzle is set in a household, where excess plastic usually piles up. Connected to the kitchen is the sea. Whenever …Read more

Glowing Abyss

Glowing Abyss – Egg Hunting

Dare to go egg hunting undersea? Play Glowing Abyss! In this arcade game, players must dive deep into the depths of the sea to recover fish eggs. Thankfully, you’re the …Read more

Rafture 2 – Retro Puzzle

Don’t let the survivors drown at sea in Rafture 2! In this retro puzzle game, players need to arrange everyone on the raft so they can all survive. You can only …Read more

Ships and Monsters

This is a sophisticated Match-3 type game. Take control of the seas by matching objects of the same kind. These will result in newer objects, which in turn can be combined …Read more