Polygon Battle

Grab your ship and fight against thousands of enemies in this classic top down shooter! Pick up power ups and get upgrades to reach the top of the leaderboard! Controls: …Read more


Here’s a game that will make you go red with rage; that’s how difficult it is. You are in control of a little shape, and there are many other shapes …Read more

Shape Shooter

If you enjoy the sparks of a shoot-out, then this one is a perfect game for you. With crisp and clear graphics, and the geometrical shapes coming to beat you, …Read more


The skies are rife with trouble yet again, and you are in the middle of the mayhem, with only your navigational skills and the X key to guide you past …Read more


There was an accident in the lab, and you are here to rescue scientists and to prevent an invasion! The game is also available for mobile devices. Developed by: Rémi …Read more

Space Fight

Get your laser gun and jetpack and destroy the enemy base! But be careful, a whole army is defending it! Controls: X to go up, C to shoot Developed by: …Read more

Empty Black

Empty Black is a three-in-one game: it is a platform, puzzle, shooting game. You control a small white square and you will have to solve some puzzles to clear all …Read more

Galaxy Knight

Galaxy knight is a classic shooter: you control a spaceship, and you have to shoot as many enemies as you can as fast as possible. The game is also playable …Read more


Infinia is a shooter in which you control a ship across many user-made levels. The goal is to reach the final item as fast as you can. You can also …Read more

Sharp Shooter

You will need quick reflexes and high speed to conquer this game. Asteroids are scooter-ing towards you and you have only two options. Either run off as fast as you …Read more

Witch Blaster

Welcome to a world of witchcraft and wizardry. Use your hexes to destroy the creatures that stop you from proceeding in the game, or follow you to harm you. Watch …Read more


Aliens are never easy quitters, and you will get to learn this the hard way in this game of action. You are in control of the last spaceship of your …Read more

Helicopter 2K1

Enemies are below you and above you, apart from being on your left and right in this game of helicopter flying and fighting. Go further in the game and you …Read more

Hit The Zombie

This is the perfect game for a minute or two of quick gaming. You need to catch at least 2 identical zombies. The trick is that the targets are on …Read more

Mini Bullet Candy

You�ve got visitors, but they are not the most hospitable ones. These visitors are aliens! Pick up your guns and get on to the dirty work upfront. You are required …Read more

Duck Hunt JS

Duck hunting is not a very common sport, and the uniqueness certainly goes to the next level if the same activity is done online in the form of this cool …Read more