Earth Defense

Mother Earth needs you to rise to the occasion and show some courage. An army of asteroids is rampantly moving towards the planet, and you can save your fellow planet …Read more

Planetary Defense

The planet is in danger, and there is hardly anything that can seemingly stop the menacing asteroids from wrecking havoc all over. However, that was until you took over. These …Read more

Astroid Madness

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You wake up to find that the year is 2675. You find yourself travelling in eternal space and see several inbound asteroids hell bent at destroying you. Make quick work …Read more

Astroid Madness

You have surely played asteroid destruction games before. But this one comes with a little difference. You are given an initial window of 90 seconds to go on a destruction …Read more

Vortal Combat

Vortal Combat takes you to an environment that is as fascinating as anything you�d have ever seen in an HTML5 game. You get to pilot a starfighter against unknown enemies …Read more


We give you another interesting arcade shooter game where you get access to cache of amazing weapons and defense powerups. However, you need to earn them by registering a high …Read more


Shooting games becomes all the more fun filled if they are accompanies by a good combination of visuals and sounds, and this is what you get with this game. Shoot …Read more

Ninja Jarimaru

This is not the time to be scared. Monsters have attacked the forest, and they will happily destroy anything that comes in the way of their evil plans. It is …Read more


Space shooting is arguably the most popular genre in gaming, and with the inception of games such as Blaster, the idea gets all the more substance. This is a cute …Read more

Ghost Shooter

With evil spirits hell bent at sweeping you over, and only a high tech Blue lazer gun to keep them at bay. you are surely going to be on your …Read more

Capitaine Slobber

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Zombie Typomaniac

Surely, you have played some zombie shoot outs in the past. Also, you’d have had a fair share of type ’em to win ’em games. However, Zombie Typomaniac manages to …Read more

Re-Infiltration at Dusk

That darn evil Artificial Intelligence is raiding the remaining human settlements of Earth again! New biomechanical horrors approach at nightfall. Your rusty old gun turret is the only hope for …Read more

Space War HTML5

Space War HTML5 is an HTML5 shooter/defense game. It was created for Microsoft’s Dev Unplugged HTML5 competition (which you can read more about here). Move and shoot with your mouse, …Read more

Air Supply 1bit Run

This is a cool simple shooter game where you control a little alien named “Sam”, Sam got ambushed on the moon and has to fight his way out against enemy …Read more