1944 – Retro Shooting

Become the hero of the skies in 1944! This is a rework of a popular retro shooting game that also featured fighter planes. Shoot as many enemies as you can …Read more

monkey bubble shooter - featured image

Monkey Bubble Shooter

Rescue the bananas! The goal in Monkey Bubble Shooter is to pop bubbles and free the bananas trapped inside, while trying to achieve the highest score using combos and bonuses. …Read more


Basketball Legend

This fun little basketball game is primarily made for mobile devices but it’s perfectly fine for your browser too. It features a Training mode where you practice your hoop shots …Read more

Save the Sun

Eccentric presidents, fascinating script, and loads of shooting – these are the perfect ingredients of a great HTML5 gaming session. Let Save The Sun be a staple diet for your …Read more

Another Breakout

Another Breakout is your time machine to the gaming of the 80’s. A Defense/Shooting style game, Another Breakoutrequires the player to progress through the game by preventing the ball and …Read more


Shoot and defend like there’s no tomorrow as an army of enemy aliens advances towards you, hell bent at cutting short your advent into the game. N-Core does exactly what …Read more

Castle Capers

Castle Capers is one super cool concoction of  Horror, Platform  and Shooting. The ambience is spooky, and this shall surely strike a chord with you. The objective is to free …Read more


Flow is a Defense/Shooting game for those looking to while away some moments without terrorixing their minds by crazy shoot outs on the screen. It is a basic defense game …Read more

Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend is a game that will surely turn your dull and dreary weekend into an enjoyable one, provided you have absolutely nothing better to do than play some cute …Read more

Can­vas Blank

Can­vas Blank is a Shooting game, and is more than a handful. Gamers who can’t get enough of target shooting and are fed up of the old line up of …Read more

U-Boot Hunter

For all those who are looking for a break from the usual collection of space shooter games in the HTML5 avatar, U-Boot Hunter is a like a breath of fresh …Read more


Escape brings to life the scariest nightmares you could ever dream of! How about being chased by a tsunami of lava! Damn, it’s scary. And all you’ll want to do …Read more