Space Cats – Casual Game

Collect all the asteroids in Space Cats! In this casual game, you play as a giant cat exploring space. One day, your mother ship broke down while on a mission. …Read more

spacy kits

Spacy Kits – Reflex Game

Give adorable kitties a new planet in Spacey Kits! Known as the Kittenauts, these furballs will travel through space to find the ideal planet. Once you see them approaching, tilt …Read more

Space Waves – Arcade Shooter

Face off against the toughest enemies in the galaxy! Space Waves is an arcade shooter where you fight wave after wave of aliens. The enemy spaceships fly fast and don’t …Read more

Gravity Control – Maze Puzzle

Bend gravity to your will! Gravity Control is a maze puzzle wherein you use the powers of gravity to transport the astronaut into the wormhole. Guiding the astronaut is tricky …Read more

Shrubnaut – Maze Puzzle

Explore a vast space garden in Shrubnaut. Use your grappling hook to latch onto walls and reach the exit.  The maze puzzle can be confusing, but there’s a map that …Read more

Spore Hunter – Space Shooter

Blast all the enemies in Spore Hunter! In this space shooter, you’ll be piloting a spacecraft that’s made for killing alien spores. These spores vary in durability and size.  Larger …Read more