Zombie Walker - featured image

Zombie Walker

In Zombie Walker you play as a zombie, on a puzzling quest to get the brain jar while trying to infect other humans along the way. Make sure you don’t …Read more

Sort the Court royal advisor

Sort the Court

Just by selecting between Yes or No as an answer to a series of questions, you can strategize and build a kingdom in “Sort the Court”. It seems a bit …Read more

Clash of Vikings HTML5 game

Clash of Vikings

Lead your Viking kingdom to victory in the battlefield in this new HTML5 strategy game. “Clash of Vikings” pits you against a rather smart AI, which may take a few …Read more

Build A Snowman

If you’ve never had the opportunity to unleash yourself in snowy lands, here is an opportunity for you to redeem yourself by making a snowman. Believe us, making a real …Read more

Dungeon Sweep

Explore the catacombs in this action-packed adventure game! Hack and slash your way through a variety of monsters, equip a unique set of special abilities, and challenge the Master Wizard! …Read more

Haunted Gardens

In Haunted Gardens, you have to pick up all items and then reach the exit, without being caught by zombies. You can also drink potions to run faster for a …Read more

Unholy Raid

Tower Defense Games can never be out of favour with enthusiastic gamers. Enemies from hell are on their way to attack you. To go to the next level, you need …Read more

Epic Tic Tac Toe

It is time for a meeting with characters that you thought never existed. Epic Tic Tac Toe takes you to a world of zombies. The funny antics of the characters …Read more

Boulder Dash

We bring back the memories of your childhood computer gaming and re-introduce you to something you thought you had seen the last of. The game is called Boulder Dash, and …Read more


Astriarch is both the name and the aim of this cool new HTML5 game. You are challenged to build planetary improvements and ships to get the better of your enemies …Read more


Illyriad is a top class strategy based HTML5 game that unleashes a whole kingdom of opportunities and threats on the players who are then left with the aim of building …Read more

Gif Tower Defense

You have surely played Tower defence games guarding your territories against all sorts of enemies, and now it is time to keep a naughty little animation away from your sacred …Read more

Knifetank – The Hauntening

An enthralling entertainer, Knifetank – The Hauntening is surely going to keep you hooked for hours at a stretch, owing to its storyline. It all begins when your bus breaks …Read more