Sub Strike – Underwater Fight

In a naval battle, having the “high ground” won’t give you an advantage. Sub Strick is a retro-style arcade game where you play a captain of the ship. Your enemies …Read more

20000 Leaks Under the Sea

Oh no, the submarine is sinking! Patch up all the leaks in 20000 Leaks Under the Sea! The faulty submarine is divided into four floors, which can be accessed using …Read more

Submarine Popper

Submarine Popper

Fight the underwater machines! In Submarine Popper, you have to defend your ship against a horde of submarines. Evade their bombs and drop bombs towards their direction. Make sure that …Read more

Submarine Escape

You don’t mind the odd adventure, do you? You’ll love the challenges that this game throws at every step you take towards escape. Steering this submarine is certainly not easy, …Read more