Fishy River

Fishy River – Fishing Game

Let’s catch the biggest fish! Fishy River is a casual fishing game for those who enjoy water adventures. Explore a river that’s filled with exotic creatures.  Once you caught a …Read more

Sub Strike – Underwater Fight

In a naval battle, having the “high ground” won’t give you an advantage. Sub Strick is a retro-style arcade game where you play a captain of the ship. Your enemies …Read more


Physalis – Endless Runner

Journey across the deep ocean in Physalis! In this endless runner, you play as a tiny bubble trying to climb up to the surface.  Swimming in the ocean is fun, …Read more

Water – Interactive Novel

Water is an interactive novel about learning to harness the power of water. You play as a young man who is tasked to save his home from being flooded. Along …Read more

Seca – Puzzle Platformer

Collecting water has never been this challenging in Seca! In this puzzle platformer, you’ll help a farmer collect all the droplets of water in each level to help with his …Read more

20000 Leaks Under the Sea

Oh no, the submarine is sinking! Patch up all the leaks in 20000 Leaks Under the Sea! The faulty submarine is divided into four floors, which can be accessed using …Read more

Bottle Ground

Bottle Ground Physics Game

Help a bottle reach humanity in Bottle Ground. In this game, water is scarce, and one of the few remaining sources of it is this bottle. This container has an …Read more