Endless Runner


StarByte – Infinite Runner

Survive the colorful, but hellish world of Starbyte! This is an infinite runner where you play as a helpless cube trapped in a maze. Overcome giant walls and avoid explosions …Read more

Kawaii Jump – Endless Climbing

Watch where you leap! Kawaii Jump is an endless climber featuring an adorable slimeball. Help the slime reach the top and avoid all obstacles.  Scattered among the solid tiles are …Read more


Foldup – Flying Runner

Flap your paper wings and go on an adventure! Foldup follows the story of Fred, a paper-like being that can fold himself into different shapes.  Fold into a crane and …Read more

Beer Slide – Endless Runner

Don’t get tipsy while sliding! Beer Slide is an endless runner featuring a cold, foamy mug of beer. Slide along the table and avoid all the obstacles.  The game only …Read more

Oh Snake

Oh Snake! – Endless Runner

Your favorite mobile game just got a cool techno upgrade! Oh Snake! is an endless runner version featuring the iconic, hungry reptile. Instead of just eating a small dot on …Read more