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pixel room generator

Pixel Room Generator

Add style to a bland room in Pixel Room Generator! This is a fun casual game wherein you are given a small pixelated room and some furniture to mix and …Read more

kuu kuu harajuku stickers

Kuu Kuu Harajuku Stickers Art Game

Create some kawaii art in Kuu Kuu Harajuku Stickers! This sticker book game is based on the hit animated series for stylish teenage girls. Aspiring artists can select from various rooms …Read more

Nightmare Combat

Nightmare Combat Survival Game

Learn how to conquer your fears in Nightmare Combat! In this combat survival game, monsters of various forms will invade your bedroom. Click and swing your bat to defeat incoming …Read more

Giant Rabbit Run

Giant Rabbit Run

Your pet bunny just turned into a giant! In Giant Rabbit Run, you’ll help your bunny navigate around the busy streets to collect coins and Easter eggs. You only have three …Read more

Dear Grim Reaper

Dear Grim Reaper

Do you want to know how many years you still have left to live? Find out in Dear Grim Reaper! This is a simple game wherein you’ll be asked questions about …Read more

Hamster Roll

Hamster Roll

Feed the hungry hamster! Hamster Roll is a pachinko-style game wherein you’ll help an adorable critter collect seeds. Once you drop the hamster, watch it bounce around the pins! Make …Read more

Halloween House Decorator featured

Halloween House Decorator

Halloween House Decorator is a kid’s dress up game. Transform a normal-looking house into a cute spooky house for Halloween! Select the house that you want to decorate. Feel free …Read more

monkey bubble shooter - featured image

Monkey Bubble Shooter

Rescue the bananas! The goal in Monkey Bubble Shooter is to pop bubbles and free the bananas trapped inside, while trying to achieve the highest score using combos and bonuses. …Read more

Coloring book featured image

Arty Mouse Coloring Book

Arty Mouse Coloring Book is a digital coloring book built for kids, parents and pre-school institutions. It features multiple templates to start with and a choice of different colors, brush …Read more

Whale Ticker

Whale Ticker

The goal of this game is to fill the bar on top of the whale with bubbles. To do so, tickle the whale. As soon as the bar gets filled, …Read more