Browsmos is an adorable game that simply engulfs you into itself. There are some cells on the screen, some small and some large. The aim is to absorb the small …Read more

Spy Chase

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World’s Biggest PAC-MAN

World’s Biggest PAC-MAN is exactly what it is called! It is big in the sense that users have the liberty to cut loose and create their own maps that can …Read more

Katamari Hack

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Throwing Stars

Throwing Stars is a starry and glitzy HTML5 game that takes you to the world of twinkling and shining stars. There are 11 levels of the game, which means that …Read more


Runfield is an impressive HTML5 game where you play the role of a hyper fox who wishes to explore the vast fields, in other words, the level of the game. …Read more


Viruses have always been detestable creatures, though not anymore. Virion lets you step into the micro boots of a virus and do what a virus is supposed to do – …Read more