Castle Capers

Castle Capers is one super cool concoction of  Horror, Platform  and Shooting. The ambience is spooky, and this shall surely strike a chord with you. The objective is to free …Read more

Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend is a game that will surely turn your dull and dreary weekend into an enjoyable one, provided you have absolutely nothing better to do than play some cute …Read more


SpeedBall is all set to intrigue and bedazzle with you with the platform gaming and puzzle combination it offers. The screen resembles a minimalist canvas with some geometric figures. Actually, …Read more


ChuClone is all set to puzzle you and take you back to those crazy physics classes of whom you thought you had seen the last back in the college days. …Read more


Escape brings to life the scariest nightmares you could ever dream of! How about being chased by a tsunami of lava! Damn, it’s scary. And all you’ll want to do …Read more

Danger Ranger

Danger Ranger is another interesting addition to the list of wonderful HTML5 games that give you the ideal dose of hassle free gaming. Danger Ranger is a Platform game, and …Read more

Ultra Awesome Zombie Shooter

Ultra Awesome Zombie Shooter is a crazy cocktail of  Horror, Platform, and Shooting. The result is definitely worth all the efforts put in by the makers. Ultra Awesome Zombie Shooter …Read more

Unexpected Outcome

Assuming that you love your boss, Unexpected Outcome is a game you’ll surely love to play. And just in case you are not in any particular awe of your superior, …Read more


Emberwind plans to present gamers with an easy gateway to the world of real HTML5 gaming. Belonging to the Fighting/Platform category, this game makes use of great graphics to create …Read more


Mangú is a Platform game. It is a nice platform game. Your objective is to bring the Gaia back to the Ideo system Mangu is a stunner to say the …Read more

Duck It!

Duck It! is a Platform/Shooting game. It is a run and jump game. Your objective is to reach your young and barf pixels on them. Space Whale Studip brings to …Read more

Air Supply

Simplicity is not something you generally associate with shoot ’em out games, and this is precisely where Air Supply scores over the others. Sam, an adorable little alien gets trapped …Read more

Paul’s Platform Adventure

Paul’s Platform Adventure is a really entertaining and addicting HTML5 game, and one of the better games to have been added to the platform/adventure category in the recent times. The …Read more


Gravonaut is a very interesting Platform game, and that can be attributed to the storyline of the game. You get to play the role of a brave astronaut Gravonaut, and …Read more

Infinite Mario Bros

Developed for a Super Mario themed java programmin contest, the Infinite Mario Bros game is a must play for the die hard Mario fans around the world. It is fun …Read more

Running Wild ARCADE

From the house of Utopian Games comes another pretty cool Platform game. You get to control an absolutely lovable and cute Marv and guide him to his destination. However, several …Read more