Labirynt is an amazing and intriguing game that invites the pleasure into the dark dungeons that hide seven precious crystals, and you get the chance to unveil them. However, it …Read more

Pudu Kamudu 2

Pudu Kamudu 2 is a Platform game. It is a good-looking platform game. Your objective is to somehow reach the leftover cheesecake. Pudu Kamudu 2 is a fun filled and …Read more

Poor Little T-Rex

Poor Little T-Rex is a cute and interesting new HTML5 game that puts in a good mix of rapid jumping and running around to sustain and continue the game play. …Read more

Dino Needs Love

It is not often that you’d come across a game named as oddly as Dino Needs Love. However, this is the basic premise of the whole thing. There is a …Read more

Mario prototype

Mario prototype is a reason for many to smile out there. Surely one would have to travel far before finding someone who has not had some unforgettable times with Mario. …Read more

Biolab Disaster

  Biolab Disaster is your time machine to the gaming of the 80’s. A platform shoot-em-up style game, Biolab Disaster requires the player to progress through the level by jumping …Read more


  Vii is your dose of physics and it comes with a seasoning of some inviting graphics. This game alters the scheme of things a little bit. You begin with …Read more

Bert’s Breakdown

  Bert is an adorable creature, and you get to control all his movements, just that you need to ensure that Bert gets his dollies. It is crazy entertainment manipulating …Read more