Mobile HTML Game

mobile html game

Mobile HTML games are the next big thing in the mobile industry. Big tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon,  Tencent and Alibaba have chosen HTML5 technology to be the de-facto standard of the web experience.

If your company owns a digital asset, such as a website, platform, or service for millions of users, here are 5 reasons you should look into mobile HTML games.


Reason 1: Be cross platform

Mobile HTML game - be cross platform

A mobile HTML game functions seamlessly, across any mobile browser. Users can access this game on virtually any modern smartphone or tablet device.

Your users will want to engage with your brand’s content- make it easy for them by producing highly interactive mobile HTML games. Being everywhere is crucial these days.


Reason 2: The tech giants are adopting this

HTML5 games power the majority of mobile games on messenger platforms. These include Tencent’s WeChat games platform, Facebook Messenger’s Instant Games, KiK’s games platform, and more.

If the tech giants are forward-looking, so should you. If you currently own a native app, you can integrate mobile HTML games into the app, via the WebView element.

mobile html game - tech giants using it


Reason 3: Be water, my friend

mobile html game be water and flexible

Like water, mobile HTML games are very flexible. They can be ported into native iOS and Android builds, and distributed on the app economy.

With HTML5 games, you can fairly easily port into native app format, and distribute into the App Store, Google Play or Amazon App Store. This wides your coverage and potential to access more users.

Being flexible is the key to winning in the modern age. Don’t be discouraged by walled gardens created by these tech giants. Instead, invest resources in understanding the changing landscape, and react accordingly.


Reason 4: Invest in quality

mobile html games long term investment

Good quality mobile HTML games are lightweight, and engaging. By sourcing the well-designed game from an established platform such as MarketJS, you are increasing your chances of engaging and retaining your users for a longer term. Companies such as these typically provide value added services such as game leaderboards and social features, which will increase the stickiness factor of your brand.



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