bullet hell

Hug Force

Hug Force – Survival Shooter

Use the power of love to survive! Hug Force is a survival shooter where you need to find a helipad to summon reinforcements and win the war.   You’ll face various …Read more

Surgevania – Top-down Escape

Escape the deadly fortress! In Surgevania, you play as a pilot who got trapped in an enemy fortress. You also lost your memories. Explore this prison and find out the …Read more


Orbital – Space Fighter Action

Become an intergalactic hero! Orbital is a bullet hell shooter where you defend seven different planets from an alien invasion. The challenge is that you have to do this on …Read more

heat death

Heat Death – Arcade Shooter

Blast all the pixels! Heat Death is a classic bullet hell shooter game. You control a red ball and you blast the white ones. These white balls produce gems, which …Read more

bullet rush

Bullet Rush – Space Shooter

Are you tough enough to brave the harsh, outer space? Go further beyond in Bullet Rush! Ride your battleship in this space shooter to destroy aliens. You have a limited …Read more

Sub Dragon – Retro Shooter

Fly like a dragon! Sub Dragon is a  bullet hell shooter with a retro-inspired theme. You control a dragon with two sides. The white side is a durable shield that …Read more

Hallows Eve

Hallows Eve – Horror Shooter

This Halloween, skip the trick or treat and play this horror shooter game! In Hallows Eve, the demon Balthazar has invaded our world to cause major trouble. Thankfully, one magical …Read more