Wall Defender

Wall Defender – Tower Defense

Drag your enemies down! In Wall Defender, invading forces are slowly scaling the tower. Throw stones towards their direction to make them fall.  Earn points whenever you hit an enemy. …Read more

Turretz – Tower Defense

Fight your way through a horde of intergalactic enemies in Turretz! In this tower defense game, you need to equip a planet with weapons to defend itself against a wave …Read more

Picnic Defender

Picnic Defender is a very cool fresh tower defense game where you place your assortment of turrets to stop the bugs running riot over your base. Use the mouse to …Read more

Red Wizard Tower Defense

Ghosts, goblins, hydra’s and many more creatures infest your kingdom and you, as the Red Wizard, can’t let these intrusions happen. The defense of your tower is your prime aim, …Read more

How fast your typing

How fast your typing is a Defense/Word game. The first sight suggests a professional package, but thankfully, this is a cool and casual game, and free! This game tests your …Read more

Centrifuge Volleyball

Centrifuge Volleyball is a walk through the memory lane where you used to take your physics tutions. Surely, physics can’t make a game interesting, right? Well, maybe it can, as …Read more


Flow is a Defense/Shooting game for those looking to while away some moments without terrorixing their minds by crazy shoot outs on the screen. It is a basic defense game …Read more

Peleia Braba

Peleia Braba is a well built and quite nicely designed HTML5 game. This is a great addition to the catalog of Defense/Hidden HTML5 games. The objective is to take the …Read more

Notepad Defence

Defense and shooting game lovers have a lot to be happy about. There’s a new game called Notepad Defense that will alleviate the boredom you have been experiencng of late …Read more

Galaxy Conquest

Galaxy Conquest is your peek into the world of dazzling lights. Your screen soon turns into a whole canvas of colours as the game unleashes itslef on you. This is …Read more

Big Guns Tower Defense

Defense/Shooting games can never be out of the gamin circuit, and Big Guns Tower Defense brings the point home pretty confidently! It is a pretty cool game where you defend …Read more

Pirates Loves Daisies

Put together by Grant Skinner, this superb game lets you explore the potential of HTML5 and your browser. The game play lets you take the fascinating role of pirates (we …Read more


In CORE, a cool html5 game, you have to defend yourself againt red bubbles arriving from everywhere and at the same time let the green bubbles hit you to restore …Read more