Getaway – Escape Game

Pay your debts before the bad guys kill you! In Getaway, you owe some bad guys a lot of money and you only have five minutes to pay them back …Read more

Valet Parking html5 featured

Valet Parking – Cars Puzzle game

Are you confident in your maneuvering skills? Valet Parking is a Cars Puzzle game about parking different vehicles in different areas. Drive safely and reach the parking slot intended for …Read more

Puzzle Dozer lite

Puzzle Dozer lite is a Driving/Puzzle game. However, like many driving games, you do not have to blow the daylights out of the pedestrians. Intelligence becomes the fuel as you …Read more

Vehicle Soccer

Vehicle Soccer is a Driving game. It is a WebGL game. Your objective is to catch and evade different balls. Exercise discretion while jumping around for balls. Accumulate points on …Read more


EscapeBot is the fresh change that you have been waiting for from the past few months as far as the HTML5 game offerings are concerned. This is a combination of …Read more