The Target

The Target Tactical Shooter

A true hitman doesn’t kill the innocent! The Target is a tactical sniper hooter that requires players to find the right target. Don’t let innocent strangers get involved in your …Read more

Hostage Rescue

Hostage Rescue – FPS Game

Fight all the terrorists! In Hostage Rescue, you need to beat the terrorists and rescue the hostages. Each level in this FPS game is set in a closed room with …Read more

Noon Justice – Gun Duel

Whip out your gun in 3, 2, 1! Noon Justice is a shooting game where you duel with an AI. Whoever shoots fastest lives for another match. If you’re new …Read more


Roguelike Cowboys – Shoot Fast!

Sharpen your reflexes and play Roguelike Cowboys! This HTML5 game is inspired by the old western style gunfighting. You need to draw your gun quickly once the word “Fire” shows up. …Read more


There was an accident in the lab, and you are here to rescue scientists and to prevent an invasion! The game is also available for mobile devices. Developed by: Rémi …Read more

Zombie Escape

Take your car and escape from the zombie apocalypse! Just try not to break your car or run out of gas! The game also works on mobile devices. Controls: Arrow …Read more