Test your Cartoon IQ

So you think you are a cartoon expert of sorts, right? Well, it is time to show your expertise to the world, and this game might help you in the …Read more

Memory Play

Memory Play is a simple yet surprisingly intriguing little game that goes about checking and improving your memorizing skills by throwing sets of four at you and then challenging you …Read more


A dash of physics on a base of instinct, and you have Bounce. The game is inarguably a game changer as concepts of puzzle games are concerned. The idea is …Read more

Break It

Classic Arcanoid break out style game, use your paddle to destroy bricks, pick up power ups and points! 10 levels and more coming soon… This game is written using HTML5 …Read more

Four Up 3d

I have created a multiplayer 3D version of Connect Four. Currently the game only supports 2 player. The game must be hosted on my own server due to technical requirements. …Read more

Jewel Pursuit Lite

There are so many puzzle games around that most of the hardcore HTML5 gamers would have grown bored by now. Jewel Pursuit Lite comes a fresh change for all such gamers. …Read more

Pocket Ball

A mobile with touch interface is all you need now to while away hours of boredom attempting to pot balls on the green table that comes up on the screen. …Read more

Ready Steady Paint

Ready Steady Paint is the only incentive you would have ever needed to unleash your artistic abilities on the world. You hardly have to waste any time being picky about …Read more

Music Can Be Fun

Music Can Be Fun is a musical HTML5 game built for Microsoft’s HTML5 Dev:unplugged competition. The beautiful visuals and background music make for an impressive HTML5 experience. The song in …Read more


As a lone FBI agent you must do all you can to survive, and this time, you need to get your fins and gills into play as you are required …Read more

Labyrinth of Treasures

Labyrinth of Treasures is an HTML5 game created for Microsoft’s HTML5 Dev:unplugged competition. Using the arrow keys, navigate through the 3D labyrinth and collect all of the treasure chests before …Read more


Flying high was something you always dreamt of, and onSpaceStart allows you to live our dreams. This simple game is based on the Mibbu microframework. You get to contril the …Read more


5Connect is a cool addition to the list of new HTML5 games. High scores feature will soon be added to the game, as per the words from the author. With  …Read more

Minesweeper Game

Remake of classic game in HTML5. Responsive controls (letf click – clear, right click – mark), comfort color scheme, no ads, four game modes, including Epic – for HD screens.

Mafia Wars: Atlantic City

Mafia Wars: Atlantic City is an HTML5 version of the incredibly popular ‘Mafia Wars’ series. Developed by social gaming behemoth Zynga, this HTML5 port works flawlessly across most mobile devices. …Read more

Guess What Cup!

Guess What Cup! is a Hidden game. It is a simple attention testing game. Your objective is to choose the cup that contains the scorpion. The build up of the …Read more