Pullfrog – Brick Puzzle

It’s raining cacti! Pullfrog is a classic brick breaking puzzle with a twist. Cactus bricks are falling from the sky, and it is up to a heroic frog to clean …Read more


Shrobbery – Stealth Action

Pull off the perfect heist! In Shrobbery, you play as a sneaky shrub thief called agent Russell. Together with Special Agent Rattle Snek, you’ll pull off an ambitious heist.  Because …Read more


Illusion – Arcade Game

Bring life to this bleak world! In this arcade game, you’ll be exploring a wasteland filled with danger. You are armed with a magical weapon that can make plants bloom …Read more

Shrubnaut – Maze Puzzle

Explore a vast space garden in Shrubnaut. Use your grappling hook to latch onto walls and reach the exit.  The maze puzzle can be confusing, but there’s a map that …Read more