Astrology Word Finder HTML5 Featured

Astrology Word Finder

Hurry! Find the words as quickly as possible! Astrology Word Finder is a simple puzzle game. There are three levels; easy, medium and hard. Each level will give you words …Read more

Wordmeister Logo


Play scrabble just the way you’ve always liked it. Controls are intuitive, double clicking a tile on the board sets it back to your tile pile. You just drag and drop …Read more

Wizard in a Bubble Logo

Wizard in a Bubble

Wizard in a Bubble is a unique puzzle game. To play, you rapidly click on an area behind the Wizard for the bubble to move in the opposite version. There …Read more

Hexable Feature Image


Hexable is probably one of the hardest HTML5 Puzzle game we’ve ever played. Hard but not complicated. The goal is simple, occupy the board with as many tiles as you …Read more

Call me young keleido title

Call Me Young Kaleido

Indie games are an awesome showcase of people’s creativity. Call Me Young Kaleido is an example of such an indie game. It is a colorful puzzle game that has quite a …Read more

We Become What We Behold banner

We Become What We Behold

Playing “We Become What We Behold” is like reading a social commentary while doing some puzzle sleuthing at the same time. You also get a bit of humor thrown into the mix …Read more

Candy Jam HTML5 game title banner

Candy Jam

Candy Jam is a brand new Match-3 game that looks good enough to eat! It has really pretty graphics, with the candies looking scrumptiously cute and colorful. Like most Match-3 …Read more

Sudoku Island

Sudoku is a timeless classic, and Sudoku Island brings the inimitable charms of the game right at your screens, in an HTML5 avatar. The good old Sudoku board will keep …Read more

4 in a Row

In what would definitely succeed in bringing a smile on your face, 4 in a Row takes you back to the days of childhood, when simple puzzle games used to …Read more

Grrd’s Puzzle

Here’s a good old puzzle for you. Nothing extraordinary here, apart from the fact that you have the liberty to choose the puzzle you solve, and that’s extraordinary in itself …Read more

Red or Green?

In what seems like the easiest thing to do in the world, you need to identify the color of whatever is shown to you on the screen. To make life …Read more


Build a snowman

Help the head of the snowman to reunite with his body without touching the flames! Developed by: Raiper34 Controls: Move with  arrow keys or touch control    

Shell Heroes

Help the turtles to get to the other side of the screen by placing special crates! Developed by: Csharks


StarSaviours is a beautiful HTML5 game in which the goal is to jump from planet to planet to take the stars back to your space rocket. Developed by: Jesse Venbrux …Read more