Trixology – Block Puzzle

Let’s stack colorful bricks! Trixology is a classic block puzzle game wherein you try to fit bricks with different shapes on a grid. The pieces will fall randomly.  Arrange the …Read more


Ominous – Retro Adventure

Are you willing to enter a monster’s realm to obtain treasure? Ominous is a retro adventure about an artifact hunter named Gowan McDerrick. Guide Gowan in an underground lair to …Read more


QRNTN – Horror Game

Everyone wants to go outside during a quarantine. QRNTN is a horror adventure about a boy who wants to go outside, despite an ongoing pandemic. His family isn’t what you …Read more

Oh Snake

Oh Snake! – Endless Runner

Your favorite mobile game just got a cool techno upgrade! Oh Snake! is an endless runner version featuring the iconic, hungry reptile. Instead of just eating a small dot on …Read more

A Meta Data Game

A Meta Data Game – Retro RPG

It’s time to discover yourself! A Meta Data Game is an RPG set in the medieval times. You play as an adventurer from a small town.  Complete missions by interacting …Read more

Sub Strike – Underwater Fight

In a naval battle, having the “high ground” won’t give you an advantage. Sub Strick is a retro-style arcade game where you play a captain of the ship. Your enemies …Read more

Exp Parasite – Retro Adventure

Relive the glory days of the classic arcade! Exp Parasite is a retro-themed adventure game featuring a slug. Don’t be fooled by its weak appearance though, because it can latch …Read more

brutal police race

Brutal Pico Race

Reach the finish line as fast as you can! In Brutal Pico Race, you need to be the fastest driver on the track. Choose between three awesome race cars, each …Read more